Testosterone Therapy for Men who Need it the Most

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that helps to define a male’s features. This substance is also responsible for a male’s sex drive. When a man starts to lose his testosterone or has a low T count, then he might need testosterone therapy to correct this issue. Let’s discover how testosterone therapy can help to correct this issue that affects many men today.

What Is Testosterone and What Does It Do for Men?

Testosterone is naturally produced in the human body. While this substance is primarily found in males, females also have smaller amounts of this hormone in their body as well. Testosterone not only gives men their sex drive; it also makes them hairy, builds and maintain their muscle mass and it also is responsible for sperm production. This hormone also affects bone density, heart health and behavioral characteristics. A male’s overall characteristics is defined by testosterone.

What Happens to A Man’s Testosterone Levels as He Ages?

The MayoClinic states that a man will lose his testosterone at least 1% annually after they reach the age of 30. Keep in mind that when a man is young and developing into an adult male, his body will produce an abundance of this substance. When a man’s testosterone levels drop, certain things happen begin to happen to him. He could lose his desire for sex or he could experience erectile dysfunction. His body will typically have a harder time getting rid of fat and he might start to lose confidence in himself.

Most men might believe that they are losing their sex drive, their strength and their emotional wellbeing due to old age. The fact is that these things might be the result of low T. Low levels of testosterone can also happen to young men in their 20s and it could result from disease as well. Men who think they might need testosterone therapy san diego ca can visit their doctor to figure out if this treatment option is for them.

The Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

When a man has a low T (testosterone) count therapy can resolve the problem. WebMD states this form of therapy can improve a man’s health as well as his sexual functioning. Low T therapy works by putting testosterone back into a man’s system. There are different types of methods that endocrinologists use to perform this type of treatment.

Patients can use patches to get testosterone. They can also rub a testosterone gel into their skin. Buccal patches are designed for a person’s gums. Also, surgeons can place subcutaneous pellets underneath a person’s skin to provide testosterone healing between 3 and 6 months. Testosterone injections are also used as well.

Are There Any Side Effects with Testosterone Therapies?

An endocrinologist typically provides treatments for testosterone therapy. When a therapy treatment is administered there could be side effects. These side effects could include acne, mild fluid retention, increased risk of blood clots and frequent urination. Keep in mind that testosterone therapies might not always work for a desired effect such as correcting erectile dysfunction. However, they can be practically used to resolve most issues regarding testosterone issues.

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