Rotator Cuff Tear – How to Decide Between Surgery or Conservative Rehab

If you have suffered a rotator cuff tear, you probably wonder if surgery is the best option for your treatment. But what about less invasive treatments, the conservative rehab, that could avoid an invasive surgical procedure. What is essential is for you to get your rotator cuff back under control for good using the best method for you. Here is how to decide the best treatment of the two for you.

1.   Do Some Research To Help You Make A Good Choice

Some cases would compel you to opt for surgery, while others would tell you that conservative treatment through physical therapy is the best option. However, it still boils down to the most suitable route of action for your particular condition.

Before deciding which one to choose, it is worth doing your research and talking with health professionals specializing in rotator cuff treatment. Your doctor can advise you further on which is the most suitable choice.

2.   Determine Whether You Are Ready for Invasive Or A Non–Invasive Procedure

There are two treatments for rotator cuff tear. One is surgery, where a surgeon will operate on the shoulder to repair and or replace the damaged tissue in the form of torn rotator cuff muscles, tendons, and other parts of the rotator cuff.

The other type of treatment is to receive a non-invasive, conservative treatment. However, be sure to look for a health professional with extensive experience and qualifications in treating tendon injuries.

3.   The Level of Risk You Are Ready To Take

As with any procedure, there are risks associated with surgery. Before you decide on an invasive procedure, it’s essential to weigh the benefits and risks of both options carefully. Depending on the severity of the tear and your desired level of function, surgery may not be helpful or necessary for a quick recovery.

Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, a non–invasive treatment can be good for you if you are not ready to take a more considerable risk.

4.   Cost and Recovery Time

When you find your rotator cuff tear, it’s essential to know if you need invasive surgery or a non-invasive conservative treatment. It’s crucial to understand the costs of each treatment method and recovery times. The doctor and patient together may determine what is suitable for each patient.

However, surgery treatment tends to be more expensive than conservative treatment regarding affordability. Similarly, patients who have undergone rotator cuff tear surgery tend to take more time to recover than the Conservative Treatment patients.

5.   Consider The Level of Your Pain Tolerance

Even though surgeons are known to accept rotator cuff tear surgical treatment, the people who require it usually have severe pain in the shoulder and experience difficulty in performing everyday activities. On the other hand, non-invasive therapies such as Nonsurgical Rotator Cuff Treatment are less painful and come with excellent outcomes and high satisfaction rates.

Hence, if you are not the kind who would tolerate much pain after surgery, conservative treatment is the best method for your rotator cuff tear. However, not all non–invasive rotator cuff treatment techniques provide the same benefits. Hence the need to involve an experienced professional in rotator cuff treatment.


It’s crucial to decide which kind of treatment to receive for a torn rotator cuff, especially if your dominant arm is having trouble. It’s therefore essential to consider the above factors and determine the best treatment procedure for your rotator cuff tear treatment. However, conservative treatment through physical therapy is an effective treatment that helps decrease pain and inflammation, allowing your body more time to heal itself. You can consult Guidance Physical Therapists for advice and professional rotator cuff tear.

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