What Are the Benefits of the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot can be used to improve male sexual health. Many common myths are circulating around about male enhancement and erectile dysfunction. The reality is, that most of the scope of erectile dysfunction treatments after surgical implantation is limited to customer satisfaction surveys. Here, we discuss benefits related to the use of a Priapus Shot.

The Priapus Shot is the result of a surgical procedure aimed at increasing erectile function in men. During this procedure, a local anesthetic is injected to the penis area and simultaneously an oral medication is ingested. The procedure is administered by an experienced professional who uses his hands to manipulate the penis into erecting position. After achieving erection, the anesthetic reduces pain and pleasure sensation.

One of the advantages of the Priapus shot is its use for treating erectile dysfunctions caused by injury, surgery, or disease. The penile tissues from which erections are attained are separated from the supportive tissues surrounding them using a flexible vacuum device. The platelet-rich plasma found inside these tissues activates the nitric oxide signal pathway. The brain then directs blood flow towards the platelet rich plasma cells, which nourish them. With the passage of time, the blood supply towards the erectile tissues increases and their size increases too; thereby, allowing the erections to get stronger and last longer.

Another advantage of the P-Shot Phoenix AZ is its use for improving sexual stamina. Enhancement of the girth and length of the penis promotes efficient functioning of the reproductive organs and enhances one’s sexual stamina. In men, a thicker penis leads to better sexual performance and to increased semen quantity. However, with age, the penis tissues harden and do not engorge the penile blood flow pathway as they should, thereby leading to a loss in sexual stamina.

The Priapus shot stimulates production of nitric oxide and epinephrine, which increase the blood flow to the penile tissues. These two rejuvenate and reinvigorate the adult sexual organs. Nitric oxide improves nitric impact on the cell walls and epinephrine ensures the quick transfer of nitric energy to the affected area. This procedure further induces the production of growth factors like serotonin, which ensure that the corpora cavernosa contracts and form firm, thick erections. With repeated treatments, the penis gains in girth and length and becomes longer and harder.

To reiterate, there are no known negative side effects of the Priapus shot procedure. However, men with abnormally small ejaculatory glands may experience some difficulty in achieving an erection. There have been reports of mild skin irritation after the treatment. So, any negative reaction should be promptly reported to the dermatologist. Over the long term, this procedure proves to be beneficial as it provides multiple benefits in male enhancement.

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