Testing A Three Ply Mask To Ensure It Is Not A Counterfeit

As we all are fighting against Covid-19 spread, gears like face masks, face shields, gloves, etc. have become a daily essential. In fact, no matter where you go, for a jog or for grocery shopping, wearing a mask is compulsory. Looking at the demand of 3 ply surgical masks, many companies have entered the market, but unfortunately, not all of them are genuine.

There are many different types of 3 ply face masks available today, and thus it is necessary to make sure that you are not buying a fake one. In fact, counterfeiters are getting very good at their job, and are manufacturing masks which look and feel exactly like the genuine one.

Now, if you just bought a mask, but are worried if it is real or fake, here are a few tests you can run. Well, this test won’t need any high end-tools, but things which you can easily find around your kitchen. So, let’s see how you can test if your face mask is a genuine 3 ply mask.

Different test to check how genuine your 3-ply surgical mask is

Count the layers

When you cut open a mask, you will clearly see 3 layers (green, blue or white in color). The first layer is usually the hydrophobic non-woven layer, the middle one is a melt-blown fabric layer, and the third one is an absorbent non-woven layer. If you can’t see three layers, it is not a 3 play mask.

Blow a candle

All the layers of a 3 ply mask are designed thoroughly to trap certain amount of droplets which a person releases while coughing or talking. Now, when you are wearing a genuine 3 ply mask, its layers make it impossible for you to blow a candle just with your breath. Take this test, and if you are able to blow the candle, discard the mask.

Burn it down

The middle layer of a 3 ply mask is made from a melt-blown fabric. This fabric doesn’t catch fire and burn, but instead simply melts. This means, if your mask is catching fire, it is not genuine.

Throw some light on

The middle melt-blown layer of mask is not very porous, and this ensures it will trap the bacteria. Now, if you cover a flash light with a mask and the light shines brightly through it, then your mask it definitely a fake one.

Check water-resistance

The first or outer layer of the mask is waterproof. So, if your mask gets damp when water is poured on the top most layers, it is not a real one.

Check the absorbency

The innermost layer of a 3 ply mask is designed to absorb the saliva and sneeze droplets. If your mask’s inner layer is not able to absorb moisture, it is definitely a fake mask.

As a consumer you must make sure that you check the quality of the 3 play mask you buy. This is especially necessary if you are planning to place a big order. Also, it is best to only buy from genuine and reputed mask making brands like customearthpromos.com. Their masks successfully pass every test mentioned above.

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