Healthy Ways to Prevent Premature Aging

Aging is an inevitable stage that each of us goes through in our life. As we age, our body processes slow down. As cell generation is not as efficient as before, old cells might not be replaced.

The Signs of Premature Aging

We might have fully embraced aging. However, some people experience it sooner than expected. This is what we call ‘premature’ aging. But how do we know that we are experiencing ‘premature’ aging? What are the signs and symptoms to watch out for? Here are the most common:

Unhealthy skin

Sunspots are these unpleasant flat, hyper-pigmented spots on your skin that appear due to careless sun exposure. These age spots start to appear at 40 and might be present on your face, the back of your hands, or forearms.

Aside from sunspots, hyperpigmentation or inflammation can start to surface on one’s chest. Well, not all inflamed skin areas are a result of aging. They can also be a result of eczema and other skin conditions.

Wrinkles and sagging start to show in your 30s, as the skin slows down in producing collagen. Dirt and dehydration also contribute to wrinkles.

Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women as they age. Factors such as hormonal changes, environment, genetics, and diet strongly influence the health of your hair.

Gaunt hands

As our skin gets dehydrated through the years, our skin’s top layers become thinner and lose protein structures and collagen. Some people notice their hands turned veiny, thin, and wrinkled in their late 30s and 40s.

How To Prevent Premature Aging

Aging is not something to be feared of. Before you sign up for any retirement community plans, here are some life-changing health habits to prevent premature aging.

Stay positive. Be happy with your life.

Our state of mind and overall attitude towards life play a significant role in the aging process. Our minds are powerful organs that can influence the acceleration or deceleration process of the phenomenon of growing old. With hope, optimism, and joy, you send happy hormones to your system, warding off heart diseases, high blood pressure, and inflamed joints and bones.

Smiling more often helps stretch and exercise muscles on the face. If we don’t smile, our skin might be stressed, increasing fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Stop bad habits. Keep good ones.

Bad habits deplete the body of necessary nutrients and moisture. For example, smoking is linked to dry skin and the occurrence of lines, discoloration, and other skin conditions. Fine lines around the mouth and ugly creases on the forehead are more likely to develop among smokers.

Drinking excessively can also be damaging to the liver and kidneys. It is observed that heavy drinkers tend to develop discolored and dry skin eventually. They also experience poor muscle tone, broken blood vessels, and the most dreaded spider veins along the legs.

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays, free radicals, and moisture.

Are you fond of sunbathing and spending too much time under the sun? You might want to re-examine and change this habit to avoid experiencing premature aging. Basking under the sun can damage your skin, resulting in wrinkles and discoloration. Years of sunbathing and tanning can lead to the development of wrinkles and leathery skin later on. Yes, we need sunlight for Vitamin D, but experts say that regular sun exposure in the morning should not go beyond twenty minutes.

Besides sunlight, we should also protect our skin from dust and other free radicals. Some acne treatments can be too harsh and induce the depletion of natural skin moisture. Instead, take time to moisturize your skin daily and apply moisturizers on cold, dry days.

Invest in healthy, anti-aging food.

Some foods will keep the body young for a long time. These are green, leafy vegetables, berries, fruits, salmon, and other proteins. Meanwhile, a diet saturated in fats, sugars, and processed foods can cause inflammation in the body. The ‘heavy’ feeling that these foods give you is actually a result of inflammation. Replace sugary foods, fatty foods, and processed foods with healthy ones to keep the whole body looking supple and young.

Healthy habits are long-term investments. Some of them are effortless, but others take deliberate action to practice and maintain. The results are always worth every effort you make. It is normal to aim for flawless, youthful skin. Start a lifestyle change now and be happier later on in life.

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