Diabetes Products: 8 Great Products to Make Living With Diabetes Easier

It’s one of the most complex diseases, but it’s also very common—diabetes. Diabetes comes in several forms but is essentially a disease where the body can no longer properly convert food, or glucose, into energy.

If you, or a loved one, have been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s helpful to know the best diabetes products that can help manage the condition. They can keep you healthy and safe, especially when you’re away from home.

To learn more, keep reading to find eight important products that can be useful when managing diabetes.

  1. Glucometer

A glucometer should be first on your diabetes product list. This item takes a tiny drop of blood to measure your blood sugar levels.

It’s one of the most important tools when it comes to diabetes management, as it helps you instantly know if you’re at risk. Your loved one will want to keep the machine clean at all times, keeping it in a protective case.

You’ll also want to always travel with spare batteries, ensuring your device can work whenever you need it.

  1. Medical Alerts

For a person with diabetes, medical care can be a matter of life and death. If a diabetic person becomes unwell, due to diabetes or another health issue, it’s vital for the emergency personnel to know that they are a diabetic and what medicine they’re taking.

For this reason, diabetics should carry something with them to identify their health issue. This could be a medical bracelet, but if you want something more modern, you can also find diabetic phone cases, which identify your status without needing to wear jewelry.

  1. Comfortable Footwear

Diabetic foot care products are another important consideration. This is because diabetes often affects the feet, causing nerve damage, reduced circulation, and even ulcers.

Therefore, those with diabetes should take extra care to support their feet. You may want to try orthopedic slippers, as they can make a thoughtful gift for someone suffering from foot problems.

Diabetics should also check their feet regularly for any changes and seek medical advice when needed.

  1. Diabetes Organizer

As you can see, being diabetic means carrying a lot of items with you when you leave the house, such as insulin and your glucose monitor. To keep everything safe and secure, it’s a good idea to purchase a diabetes organizer.

This is a pouch or small travel bag that you can store all of your items in. Some may even offer cooling, which can be needed when you travel with insulin.

  1. Sharps Container

If you inject your insulin, you’ll want to have a sharps container for safely disposing of needles. As diabetics know, needles can’t be placed in the trash, as there’s a public health risk, so they always need to be disposed of safely.

While you do sometimes see sharps disposals in public places, like bathrooms, it’s always a good idea to have your own, so you’re not caught out.

The companies that offer them sometimes offer mail-back programs, where you can safely mail back your used needles and receive new ones.

  1. Diabetes Cookbooks

When it comes to diabetes nutrition products, one of the best items to invest in are cookbooks. Certain types of diabetes can be managed well with diet, so getting into the habit of cooking healthy meals will play a big role in helping your condition.

Diabetes meal planning can help ensure you know just what to eat each day. Ideally, you’ll want a diet rich in non-starchy veggies, low in carbs that could cause a spike, and lean protein sources.

Once you get the hang of what you should be cooking for someone with diabetes, it will get easier over time. But in the beginning, pick up some diabetes cookbooks for recipe inspiration or browse online for some ideas.

  1. Skin Moisturizer

Dry skin is a common concern for diabetics. They are also prone to skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

These can be a big irritant, so it’s helpful to purchase some diabetic skin moisturizers. Applying them to your skin after you bathe can help reduce skin inflammations so you can feel more comfortable.

It’s always best to ask your doctor or pharmacist about which skin products are best to use.

  1. Glucose Tablets

Diabetics know that they sometimes need a blood sugar hit fast. While it’s a good idea to always carry around energy bars or snacks, it can also be helpful to have glucose tablets.

These can be more effective in managing your blood sugar, since they provide a measured dose of glucose and also enter your body faster than food.

If your doctor agrees that tablets can be helpful for you, include item in your diabetes organizer for emergency use.

Make Sure Your Loved One Has These Diabetic Products

With the right diabetes products, it’s easier than ever to manage your condition or help a loved one stay healthy. If you’re looking to help someone in your life with diabetes, purchasing the products above can be a great way to ensure they’re looked after, even when you’re not around.

As with any medical condition, it’s always best to get advice from your doctor when adding new products into your routine. Once you have guidance from your doctor, you’re sure to find that diabetes management is much easier with the help of the right products.

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