Top Consumer Products for Effective Stress Management

Difficult situations such as civil unrest, financial crisis, and global pandemic can bring a tremendous amount of stress to any individual. Some, however, experience a level of stress that is higher than the other, which causes them to suffer from mental health problems that require professional intervention.

But before things go that way, it’s critical to take proactive steps that would alleviate stress levels. You should consider these consumer products to help ease and manage your stress:

Essential oil diffuser.

Aromatherapy has been around for quite some time, which is a testament to its effectiveness as a stress reliever. And lately, there’s been quite a lot of people who swear to the outstanding stress relief properties of essential oils, applied through a diffuser or by dabbing a few drops onto pulse points or a hankie to be smelled when desired.

As such, be sure to invest in a nice-quality diffuser and essential oil set that is commercially available. This product will ensure that you’ll always have a go-to item whenever you want to de-stress in your home.

CBD-based products.

These days, plant-based products that relieve stress are pretty common, particularly in many states in the US. Marijuana, which is among the most popular herbal plants due to its therapeutic benefits, including for the treatment and alleviation of pain, cancer, muscle spasms, glaucoma, and eating disorders. This plant has two primary active ingredients: THC and CBD.

Of the two, CBD does not make a person experience being ‘high,’ which is the case with THC. If you prefer using a plant-based stress reliever without getting high, then CBD is the obvious pick. You can get one from a registered CBD oil seller in your state, provided that the sale of medical marijuana products is legal. So, be sure to check the legality of medical marijuana use in your state before buying to avoid any legal problem.

Portable massager.

Getting a massage is an effective way of releasing stress from a person’s body, which is why there are a lot of stressed-out people who long for one. With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming as a threat to people’s health and safety, the next best thing you can have from an actual spa massage is a portable massager.

There are plenty of portable massage products available online with different features that appeal to consumers. Some have options to release heat, while others have adjustable vibration levels. If you’re unsure of what settings and features will work best for you, a chiropractor or physician might provide the answer.

Blue-light blocking eyeglasses.

People spend several hours each day looking at electronic screens such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These devices emit blue light, which is proven to affect an individual’s circadian rhythm. As a result, the person experiences sleep deprivation and an increase in cortisol — the hormone response for stress.

You can counter this by investing in a pair of eyeglasses that blocks the blue light emitted by your electronic devices, so you can still use them without causing sleep disruption.

Acupressure mat.

Think of the benefits of acupuncture but without the fearsome needles pricking your flesh: behold the acupressure mat. This revolutionary stress relief product is like a yoga mat that became friendly with acupuncture needles. It can be used on a bed, a recliner, or a couch and can be the perfect solution to release pent-up stress in your back and neck.

Weighted blanket.

With so many people wholeheartedly giving face reviews about them, there’s no secret to the popularity of weighted blankets these days. For people who just love a restful sleep, this product is like manna from heaven with its capacity to improve sleep quality and relieve stress. While a weighted blanket may cost more than the usual blankets, the benefits it could give you more than pays for the product.

Stress balls and fidget spinners.

Quite a lot of people swear to the excellent stress-relieving power of fidget spinners and stress balls, which is why they are mainstays in offices where stressful things happen naturally. These low-cost stress relievers are easy to bring, quite discreet, and do produce results as many users would attest.

Gel mask.

You can use a gel mask to soothe your face after a tiring day and help ease the tension you’re feeling. This product can be frozen and put over the face for a cooling sensation or placed in a pot with lukewarm water before using it to achieve a gentle, relaxing feeling. It’s quite cheap, so you can buy one for each family member.

Life can be truly stressful and mind-numbing but with these consumer products, the stress can be easily whisked away.

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