Why Filtered Water is the Best for Cooking

There is no denying that America has a municipal water problem. Synergy Science, a company specializing in water health products such as filtered and hydrogen water, say that one of the main reasons for interest in their products is precisely this general dissatisfaction with the quality of faucet water across the country. Naturally, it very much depends on where you are located, what type of house you have, and from where your water comes, but unacceptable levels of potentially dangerous contaminants is one of the reasons why many turn to alternative water products.

But the water that is delivered to your home is not only used for drinking. To many, the unacceptable quality of drinking is what drives interest in alternative water products, but we should never forget that water is also used for washing, cleaning, and cooking. This latter application of municipal water is especially important. You might not be directly drinking cooking water, but it is used in the preparation of food so contaminants in cooking water is also a concern in many households around the country.

As it happens, it could just be that filtered water is the best option for cooking. But before going on to why, it is worth setting out just what we mean by “dangerous contaminants in water”.

A Word About Contaminants

When we talk about contaminants in municipal water supplies, the word tends to be one that causes alarm. In many cases, that alarm is justified, but we should be careful to stress that not all contaminants in water are bad. Certainly, there are some contaminants which you would rather not be present, but there are many more which give water its flavor and nutritional content. Ever heard of mineral water? Well, those minerals are technically contaminants!

Of course, when water contains things like an excess of certain metals like copper or, even worse, lead, and when water supplies contain traces of arsenic or certain bad bacteria, then many homeowners do not consider it suitable for drinking or, for that matter, cooking.

What is Filtered Water?

Water that has been filtered, right? Well, yes. But filtered water is actually a pretty specific designation, and distinct from things like purified water, distilled water, hydrogen water, and so on. Filtered water does not have everything filtered out (that would be purified or distilled water), but it has passed through a filtration system with the intention of clearing out some harmful contaminants. It is purchased bottled or filtered straight from the faucet with a home water filtration system.

Benefits of Filtered Water for Cooking

So, how is filtered water good for cooking? Here follows some of the top benefits:

It Enhances the Flavor

Water actually doesn’t taste of nothing. What you taste when you drink water is related to its “contaminant” content. In ordinary water, these flavors can interfere with the flavor of your food. Filtered water removes this factor, or even actively enhances the flavor of the food.

It’s Cleaner and Safer

There is not much to say here besides the fact that harmful water contaminants such as copper or arsenic will make it into your food if you cook with that water.

It Gives the Food More Vibrant Colors

One of the major contaminants in water and which many want rid of, is chlorine. This is very common in the U.S., and it is a bleaching agent. That means it bleaches your food. Chlorine is removed in filtered water, and this makes it better for a more vibrant presentation.

For these reasons, filtered water could indeed be the best option for preparing the best and healthiest meals.

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