Which Are The Best Emotional Support Animals For Treating Mental Health?

Emotional support animals act as the best implausible support for mental illness or other emotional problems. According to the ESA doctors review those who keep the emotional support animals feel the apparent difference in their mental health capacities. They shift your views towards the world completely. But the vital thing to contemplate is to opt for the right kind of emotional support animal for your stability. Many of you used to have a pet already, which can also be the emotional support animals.

They are best to help a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, autism, depression, Agoraphobia (fear of being outside of the home), bipolar disorder, Aerophobia (fear of flying), PTSD, Stress-induced situations, Social Phobia, and many more. But one crucial condition is, the person is must receiving treatment from the licensed mental health professionals. Only such kinds of people can get an Emotional Support Animal.

Let’s discuss by answering a few of the essential questions usually asked by the people about keeping the best Emotional Support Animals for treating the mental health problems, which are as follows:-

Can any animal be the emotional support animal for mental health?

Any domestic or disciplined animal can be an emotional support animal. But that rule doesn’t work for the emotional support lion, unfortunately. Many people enjoy the company of their emotional support animals because of their comforts, such as horses, rabbits, and even pot-bellied pigs. But there exist such exceptions to the rule. 

Whereas any domestic animal can be the ESA, even most of the health professionals don’t hesitate to clarify that not only a dog or a cat can be the emotional support animals but with the clear evidence that any other animal can also give the real benefits. 

Are they allowed to enter public places easily?

The emotional support animals are not allowed to enter the public places the same as the service animals do.  If you are willing to take your emotional support animals with you anywhere, such as shops, eateries, and other public places, you must first identify the pet-friendly areas for a safe move. Similarly, it will be challenging for you to find dog-friendly places and find the best accommodating places for a miniature horse.

Most widespread Emotional Support Animals:

The most widespread emotional support animals ordinarily people used to keep are dogs and cats, normally. Still, cats are the most common ones among these. People used to keep fishes, pigs, birds, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, mice, monkeys, miniature horses, and ducks for mental health purposes. They act as the best contributors to help in mental illness. Doctors used to describe medicines, but sometimes they also prescribe the emotional support animals for providing comfort to the patient’s needs. 

People who used to keep ESA finds the apparent difference in their mental capacities towards the betterment by keeping the Emotional support animals. They decrease anxiety and acts as a great companion to fight with the feeling of loneliness. But the certification to get them registered is essential for recognizing them as an ESA. Whereas, the certificate as of ESA’s can consider any kind of animal as an emotional support animal. 


The emotional support animals are more than pets. They can best heal you from mental illness, emotional pain, and injuries. They act as a great therapist in benefiting you a lot. Likewise, there is no hard and fast rule to define the best suitable animals for you for mental health purposes. It can be based on your comfortability and choice. However, adequately registered animals are essential for mental health purposes. Almost every kind of domestic animal can best act to help mental health. But it is highly necessary to manage them at public places for the smooth move; otherwise, it could be harmful to others.                                   

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