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The feeling you get when you move into your new home is priceless! Getting a place for yourself in this vast world is quite a task. Just like this task, keeping intruders outside your house is a task too. Yes, the intruders are pests here. Pests need no invitation to sneak into your home. They need one open window or even a small hole or creek to enter in and make it thor space. You must have witnessed a lot of pests during this summer. Well, things will be worse in the coming days at your home as the pests begin to look out for hideouts to spend autumn. If pests are your problem, here are some simple solutions that can help you keep them away from your home. Before you can read about the natural home pest control hacks, get to know the kind of pests the pest control would be useful on.

Pests That Get Controlled With Natural Pest Control Hacks:

  • Roaches – These are the most common pests present in your kitchen, washroom, and even inside your wardrobes. They prefer cold, dark, and damp places as their hideouts and party at your home minutes after turning off the lights. They are the carriers of germs that spread epidemic diseases like typhoid and cholera.
  • Rodents – Rodents can scamper into your house or your kitchen anytime. All that they need is some food and a tiny hideout place to stay. Rodents of all sizes love to bite you when you are sleeping and spread some dangerous infectious diseases.
  • Ants – Ants of different sizes are seen during summer collecting food and storing them in their new hideouts at your home. You can get a nasty bite from them if they get on you by mistake. Red ants are annoying, and it is good to keep their infestation away from the house.
  • Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are nothing new to us. They make way into your house in all ways possible and give you a severe bite. Mosquitoes are known for spreading diseases like dengue and malaria, which can take the lives of people who have less immunity.
  • Bed bugs – The pests that need effective pest control are the bed bugs. The bed bugs can come sitting on you or any furniture. They multiply quickly and hide into tiny creeks of your furniture. These bugs are active during the night or when the place is dark and promptly run away from your sight before you find them.
  • House Flies – Place some juicy food or meat in an open dish at your dining or kitchen, and you will find houseflies at your place from nowhere. Houseflies are quick flyers, and they escape from you very quickly.
  • Geckos – Geckos and lizards are another kind of common pests that are seen clinging to any room walls in your house. They are slimy creatures and, at times, are scary when they fall on you. They nibble down on the fruits, veggies, and food grains in your kitchen and storehouses. Besides this, they lay eggs on your window sills and make it their place of infestation.

Reasons Why Natural Home Pest Control Is Beneficial

The pests at your home are many, and they so are the tips and tricks to kill and get rid of the home pests that enter your home during summer and remain with you until they live and build their empire. Some of them are using chemicals, and these are highly not recommended for home pest control, especially when you have children around. The next option you have in hand is to choose a natural pest control method. There is a myth that natural pest repellent methods do not work effectively. However, this myth needs to be busted. Nature has some of the best fragrances that repel pests like a pro. You need to use these fragrances in the right way to keep the pests out effectively. Here are some of the easiest ways to repel all the pests you encounter at your home using natural ingredients. You can try any of them as all of these hacks can repel many kinds of insects and pests.

DIY Home Pest Control Treatments:

  1. An excellent natural home pest spray works – Many of us are seen using a different pest repellent spray for different pests. Well, you could probably switch to one single pest repellent spray. The fragrances of cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, and spearmint irritate all kinds of pests, and they immediately walk out of your home. Get home such natural home pest control spray and keep your house safe.
  2. Make your home pest spray – If finding an all-round pest control spray is tough, you can prepare your own home multi-pest control spray. Take some essential oils like lavender, cinnamon, and lemongrass and add a few drops of each oil inside a spray bottle that contains water and some dish wash liquid. Shake it well and spray it in the potential pest infested areas of your home.
  3. Use sugar baits – The sugar baits can be prepared to trap rodents, ants, termites, and roaches. Mix powdered sugar with borax powder and place it in the pest infestation area. The pests snack on it, and ultimately as borax is poisonous, their digestive system crunches, and they die.
  4. Garlic and cinnamon work wonders – Crush garlic and cinnamon in a mixer into a fine paste. Keep running the mixer while adding little water in between. Do this until you get a juice form of the three. Add a few drops of dish wash liquid to it and spray it in all the corners and pest-infested areas of the house. The pests hate the fragrance and walk out of the home immediately.

These are the simple Do It Yourself Hacks that can help you keep pests out of your home efficiently, safely, and naturally. If you do not have the time to try these hacks,  get the best natural home pest spray having a natural composition, and keep all the pests away from your home.

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