Give Your Weight Loss Efforts A Boost With HGH Fragment 176-191

We all wish to get into the healthiest weight and ideal body shape that we always desire. However, we fail to establish realistic goals and get de-motivated very fast. Weight loss is all about consistent efforts sustained over a period of months to years and no one can stop you from achieving your dream body. 

You can however, supplement and fasten your weight loss efforts to a certain extent with the aid of some scientifically researched supplements and foods. There are many natural supplements that can boost your metabolism or control your appetite to generate faster results and there are some man-made supplements too.

One such supplement that is scientifically proven to fasten weight loss is HGH fragment 176-191. You can buy Fragment 176-191 online from Biotech Peptides in 10 mg vials. All their peptides are produced under strict quality control environment and are intended for use in laboratory research only. They do not sell peptides for human use. 

HGH fragment for weight loss

It is the synthetic form of human growth hormone and is popularly known for its ability to promote lipolysis in our body. Its fat burning properties are not associated with other effects of growth hormone. Thus, your body will burn fat without increasing IGF-1 levels, without promoting growth of long bones, and without affecting insulin sensitivity. 

It specifically designed to target metabolism of human fat cells. Some of the beneficial effects of HGH fragment produced in our body are:

·      It increases the levels of insulin circulating in our blood and thereby lowers down the sugar levels in our blood too. 

·      It stimulates the secretion of beta-3 adrenergic receptors which in turn increases the burning of fat cells present in our adipose tissue. 

·      This function of the HGH fragment also increases thermogenesis in the muscle tissues. 

·      It can promote cartilage growth when administered along with hyaluronic acid and can be beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis. 

·      The lipolysis effects of this fragment are observed to be only produced in obese people and will not affect the weight of people in normal weight range. 

Thus, if you are looking to lose though last pounds, this supplement is not for you. 

HGH fragment is usually taken as an injection subcutaneously or as an oral pill. Normal dosage for weight loss is 250 mcg per day taken after consumption of a high protein bar or a shake on an empty stomach. If you feel it is well tolerated but is not giving you desired results, you can increase the dose to 350mcg. Consume this pill only for 5 days in a week. 

Some of the side effects you can experience while taking HGH supplement to assist your weight loss efforts are:

·      Headaches. 

·      Water retention.

·      Low blood glucose levels that could be associated with dizziness.

·      Swelling of extremities. 

You have to remember that no supplement would work without putting in efforts while exercising and modifying the way you eat. You have to check very consistently what goes in your mouth in order to see actual results even with the best quality supplement. 

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