Workouts and exercises for legs, thighs, and buttocks: which are the best and how to perform them?

The legs are the foundation of our body and for this reason, they must be trained properly: let’s find out how.

When I am in the gym I realize that the guys with underdeveloped legs compared to the bust are really many, and almost everyone is aware of it, ending up complaining about their physical imbalance. The truth is that the legs have a really large muscle area, which every bodybuilder should attack without mercy in a whole day dedicated to them; in addition, their training really stimulates endogenous testosterone, a not insignificant detail for anyone who wants a massive body as a true bodybuilder. Training your legs is therefore very important: not only squats but also the subsequent pumping; leg extensions, lunges, leg curls and so on, all fundamental exercises to improve and better define the lower part of our body. If you want to know more, read on: the Master Wallace experience is at your service.

How many times per week should legs be trained?

It is good to start with a simple and effective premise: if you think that to train the legs by providing them with the right anabolic stimulus one exercise is worth the other, then go elsewhere. Because – put it in your head – things are not like that at all: trust Master Wallace, a man who has a well defined and separated 75 cm leg. Having said that, it is essential to understand that you cannot train your legs more than once a week; they will, therefore, be trained in single frequency and absolutely not in multifrequency: a workout done properly, in fact, requires more than a week of recovery, both as regards protein synthesis and supercompensation but also from a nervous and hormonal point of view.

Anyone who claims to train their legs several times a week is nothing but a dry, or even worse, a doped! The only people who can adopt a multifrequency training card are newbies, as for them it will be necessary to start the exercises with a reduced volume of work; obviously, in the coming months, they too will be able to switch to a single frequency. The Master Wallace System is based precisely on these same logics.

Leg exercises: 45-degree press, leg extensions, lunges, and leg curls

The king of all leg exercises is without a doubt the squat, to which Master Wallace has already taken steps to dedicate an in-depth article. Immediately after we can find the 45-degree press: this machine is one of the most effective for the correct training of the legs, and together with the squat, it makes up an anabolic and metabolic combination, to say the least formidable. Also, in this case, it is not necessary to use huge loads, as it will be much more important to better control the movement and complete the entire descent (as can be seen in a famous video by Ron Coleman, who pushed over a thousand kilos going down only partially: absolutely useless).

On the contrary, a very overrated exercise is the leg extension, which however has the only utility of developing the vast internal muscle; it must always be done after the squat and the press, never before. The lunges with dumbbells or barbell are instead very difficult, in any version you decide to do them: it is necessary to go down a lot, in addition to the 90 degrees formed by the tibia and foot, and require a lot of elasticity; however, they are excellent for stimulating the thighs and buttocks. Lastly, the standing leg curl, which is much more effective than its lying version as gravity acts constantly and keeps the muscle in constant tension thanks to the posture of the feet: pity that the machines that allow it to be carried out are now always rarer.

Train your legs at home, in total autonomy

You will, therefore, understand that the exercises to train the legs are numerous and very different from each other, each with specific properties. For a whole series of personal reasons, however, many kids avoid performing them in the gym and get by in their own home: nothing bad, except that at certain levels, training the legs free-body and without the right tools is really not very useful. You will probably have excellent toning and good functionality, but forget a development of the thighs worthy of a true bodybuilder; on the other hand, if you have a barbell, adequate supports and a couple of dumbbells with relative discs.

In any case, it will be of fundamental importance to train with the right method, and for this reason, I recommend to anyone who decides to practice at home our Home Gym Manual: you can find it in our E-Shop, take a look at it and it will convince you without other. The best choice is always the gym properly equipped: only here, in fact, you can do heavy squats in total safety or use the 45-degree press to develop your quadriceps. Always remember this: developing your legs at the highest level means above all giving an anabolic impulse to the whole body, also indirectly contributing to the increase in the muscle volumes of the torso!

Train your legs with the deadlift

Master Wallace always says that a man with no legs is a man in the middle, and for this reason, it is very important to train them properly. Another fundamental exercise for every bodybuilder, the detachment from the ground with outstretched legs, is in turn very important for the perfect development of massive thighs; this, together with the aforementioned barbell squat and the 45-degree press, is able to fully stimulate the leg muscles, both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, it will be very important to work in muscle isolation with all the individual muscles of the lower limbs: the femoral ones, the gastrocnemius, and steroidi in Italia the soleus.

This is due to the fact that training the legs is not only necessary to complete our body and make it more uniform (it being understood that having a developed bust and lacking legs is really ridiculous from an aesthetic point of view) but also to develop the whole rest of the muscles: I do not exaggerate when I say that the legs are only the true foundations of our so-called “muscle building”. The usual, very important advice from Master Wallace also remains valid: unless you are newbies, always train your legs in single frequency! By doing this you will avoid chronic overtraining and promote muscle growth.

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