Quitting From Drugs And Alcohol Addiction is Easy

Quitting From Drugs And Alcohol Addiction is Easy

Substance abuse can ruin a person’s career and personal life. In today’s world, substance abusers have plenty of rehab choices. Sunshine Summit Lodge, however, offers a unique experience that leads to long-term sobriety. Sunshine Summit Lodge Offers a Retreat Setting Drug and alcohol rehabilitation doesn’t have to take place in a drab center. Sunshine Summit Lodge, located in Northern San Diego County, has a facility that used to be an executive retreat center. Giving guests access to this rural resort area allows them to escape from the pressures of modern life while they learn how to live without drugs and alcohol. Quitting Drugs and Alcohol for Good

Each guest at Sunshine Summit Lodge receives uses a personalized battle plan to quit drugs and alcohol for good. Most battle plans begin with a withdrawal period. During this time, the body eliminates toxins that have accumulated from substance abuse. Our facility uses a sauna to facilitate this process. We also provide nutritious meals that replace harmful substances with healthy vitamins and minerals. Most rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles in Los Angeles today use a disease-centered approach to helping patients quit drugs and alcohol. This philosophy says that the patient has an incurable disease that they are powerless against. Sunshine Summit Lodge takes a more positive approach by teaching guests how to alter their behaviors, regain control of their lives, and learn to confront life’s challenges without turning to substance abuse. This approach has helped 76% of our graduates commit to long-term sobriety. Guaranteed Sobriety from Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduates of the Sunshine Summit Lodge program are guaranteed long-term sobriety. If they relapse within six months of graduation, they can return to the center for free. This allows our professionals to concentrate on issues that were not fully resolved during the initial stay and develop coping strategies that the guest can rely on instead of drugs and alcohol. It’s this level of commitment that has helped so many people stay sober long after they graduate. If you want to live a drug free life then be a part of Sunshine Summit Lodge program and quit from drugs and alcohol addiction forever and lead a healthy life.

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