Inpatient Drug Rehab for Couples

Inpatient drug rehab for couples is particularly beneficial when both partners are dedicated to the relationship and to becoming sober. Couples will receive education, therapy, training and treatment inside the facility. Even if only one partner is addicted, the other partner can benefit from couples rehab by learning how to manage triggers and helping the other stay sober.

If both partners are addicted, then going to the same rehab program can give them the commitment and focus needed. Also, this will help them to maintain long-lasting recovery. They can have each other as a source of assistance for future challenges. They can help each other prevent yearnings and triggers, remind each other about the skills and tools learned in rehab and keep each other on track. The love and strength that they can provide one another in treatment can be extremely important.

It can help them recover and build a healthy relationship that grows without the use of alcohol or drugs.

It’s important for those who believe their partner of hiding an alcohol or drug issue to discover the signs of substance abuse. When one partner starts to prioritize drug abuse over household responsibilities or activities, it’s a sign that the relationship is being negatively affected by some kind of addiction. One partner may also feel pressured to cover for the other partner’s addiction, or one partner may decide to separate themselves from friends and family. Going to rehab can help save the relationship.

Rehab centers offer a wide range of techniques and procedures for inpatient treatment. Here are some of the most common options.

Recuperating Couples Confidential (RCA)

Most rehab centers bring couples to 12-action conferences. Recuperating Couples Confidential is a 12-action group for those recovering from different kinds of substance abuse. It is a good idea to find a sponsor and continue attending aftercare programs even after completing inpatient treatment. Each partner can go to 12-action conferences without the other partner to develop a stronger structure for recovery and to address other issues they may be suffering from.

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

Behavioral Couples Therapy helps couples with addiction problems by changing their habits or behaviors. They are asked to create a recovery agreement that requires each other to guarantee not to use alcohol or any illegal substance. They pledge to support each other in recovery. Couples will attend sessions with a qualified therapist every week. They may also participate in group sessions with other addicted couples.

Alcohol Behavioral Couples Treatment (ABCT)

Some procedures for alcoholism are implemented to help couples modify habits. Alcohol Behavioral Couples Treatment uses different methods to promote abstaining and develop a healthy relationship without the use of alcohol. This procedure is performed in both outpatient and inpatient treatment. ABCT helps promote better interaction between partners and provides them with the skills needed to maintain sobriety even after completing treatment inside the facility.

Rehab centers educate couples on how to keep each other accountable, how to change bad habits and how to communicate better. Inpatient drug rehab for couples can help partners live a sober life.

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