Cleanse Your Hair From THC By Using Hair Follicle Detox Products

We can all agree that weed features numerous health benefits, especially if you combine CBD and THC. At the same time, it has become legal in almost every state in the USA, which means that it is just a matter of time when it will be authorized on federal levels.

The primary issue when it comes to cannabis is the ability to be fired or rejected for a job application if you test positive on THC.

Since it is considered federally illegal and banned substances, employers can efficiently conduct screenings so that they can maintain a drug-free environment. Remember that you can easily detect it on a hair analysis, which is why you should visit: to learn more on how to pass this test.

THC tends to remain in head for a long time, which means that if you have a test that you have to pass, you need to understand how to cleanse your hair in matter of days.

How Does THC Enter Your Hair?

You should understand that as soon as you consume weed THC will enter your bloodstream. After metabolic processes, the body will break down the active compound into byproducts, and the most important one is THC-COOH.

Therefore, you will not get the test that will show the signs of the active compound, but the metabolite will enter the follicle, and later become the part of your hair. It can penetrate through bloodstream as well as sweat glands.

However, have in mind that second-hand smoking will not be able to contaminate your head. Since the test is screening for the presence of metabolite and second-hand smoke contains THC, its appearance will mean that you did not consume anything.

Best Ways to Cleanse Your Hair from THC

It is essential to understand that removing THC from hair can be challenging, but it is possible. You can consider using two efficient methods that will require chemicals that you can purchase in closest convenience store.

You will be able to use either Macujo or Jerry G method so that you can remove THC and pass analysis with ease. You can find thousands of people that shared their testimonials after using these two methods, and they have successfully cleansed their hairs from weed.

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Choosing them is both highly convenient and simple, however, the idea of using harsh chemicals will affect your hair afterward.

1.   The Macujo Method

The first procedure that we wish to present you in here is the Macujo Method that entered the scene at the start of a new millennia. It is the most popular method that will help you pass analysis, but you have to follow instructions thoroughly.

It includes deep cleansing by using a combination of chemicals that will penetrate deep inside your hair shaft so that you can use an Aloe Rid shampoo, but you will need an old formula.

You will also need other supplies such as liquid detergent, shampoo with salicylic acid and vinegar.

You need to follow the procedure for five times and three days before the analysis so that you can make sure to pass with ease. We recommend you find an appropriate sink because you will have to thoroughly rinse your hair.

The first step includes rinsing it with warm water but avoids soaking it entirely because the next step consists of the massage that you can do more efficiently if the hair is just wet.

After placing warm water on your head, you should use the vinegar you purchased before so that you can pour it and massage the scalp of your hair as much as you can. We recommend you avoid reaching eyes because the vinegar can cause painful sensations and irritation.

That is the main reason why you should put your safety goggles during the entire process. After ten minutes of massaging your head with vinegar, you should use a shampoo with salicylic acid and do the same thing.

Have in mind that this particular process will open your scalp, which may cause painful sensations all across the head, but you have to deal with it if you wish to pass a drug test.

Avoid reaching your forehead, eyebrows, and ears, because salicylic acid can irritate if it gets in contact with your face. After ten minutes of massaging, you should place a shower cap so that you can follow the plan by waiting for up to one hour.

You can also use a towel instead of a cap so that you can wait for the process. It is vital to wipe away anything that will come out from the shower cap, because it may enter your eyes and face and cause irritation similarly as we have mentioned above.

After half an hour, you should use Aloe Rid old formula and wash your hair with it at least twice so that you can reach wanted results. Finally, do not forget adding liquid detergent to wash everything out, and combine it with warm water so that you can get the best solution possible.

You will notice a sound that your hair will make after washing, which will resemble squeaking that you have never heard before.

Using the Macujo Method will remove essential oils from your hair, which means that you can use conditioner afterward to return the natural shine of your hair.

2.The Jerry G Method

This particular process is highly pure, but the main problem is that you will get more invasive chemicals that will affect the structure and beauty of your hair. Therefore, most people decide to cut their hair after using this procedure.

You should combine two processes so that you can enjoy all the way: re-dying your hair and bleaching it. Perform the combination as soon as you stop consuming marijuana and use peroxide so that you can lighten it with ease.

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The second process should be at least ten days after consumption, and also do it on the day of the test. Even though it will appear completely dry, you can remove unwanted compounds, which will help you pass this analysis with ease.

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