Why Is A Regular Dental Checkup Important?

Several dental problems like bad breath, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth decay, tooth erosion, and toothaches can lead to serious tooth complications if not diagnosed earlier. You should not wait until the symptoms start to appear to visit your dentist. As per the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017, it was found that around 3.5 billion people are affected by oral disease. The reason behind this could be poor hygiene and irregular checkups. Sometimes, the oral disease can become a reason for the origination of non-communicable diseases, like diabetes. The dental disease shows its adverse impact on physical well-being; therefore, timely treatments are necessary. If you are thinking of getting treatments like teeth whitening, filling, or crowning, Riveredge Dental is providing comprehensive services with the help of the latest technologies.

Why should you go for a regular dental checkup?

It is recommended to visit your dentist at least once in six months to catch the problem if present. Warning signs like increased sensitivity, bleeding, ulcers, sores, or pain are indications of poor dental health. Read the following reasons for why you should go for regular checkups.


Plaque and tartar can damage the tissues of the gum. Gingivitis or gum inflammation is the result of poor hygiene. It is a form of gum disease that should be detected earlier by the dentist. Jeffrey Slovin advises that untreated gingivitis can transform into periodontitis. Gum disease can lead to bone destruction. Dental professionals involve oral rinses and cleansing in their treatment.


A dentist’s dental examination involves the inspection of the head and neck. Lymph nodes, jaw, and tongue are also checked to detect any swelling or deformities. If any inappropriateness is found, it can become a root cause for any other illness. Patients are referred to other medical professionals if any deformity is found. Dentist Keswick is helping the patient to detect any problems either minor or major dental concerns.


Sometimes it becomes difficult for a person to clean the distinct region of the mouth. Cavities are caused by the accumulation of bacteria which develop tiny holes in the teeth. Drinking sugary drinks, junk foods, and improper cleaning can also become reasons for cavities. If cavities are not treated for longer, it may result in infection, aches, and tooth loss. The formation of tartar takes place when plaque is not treated appropriately on time. These consequences can be prevented before it gets worse if it is detected by the dentist earlier.


It is quite threatening to know that according to the World Health Organization, 15%-20% of adults aged between 35 and 44 are dealing with severe gum diseases. Therefore, you need to comprehend the importance of regular checkups and how some serious tooth complications could be avoided with it. You can save yourself from utmost medical expenses if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage. Hence, regular dental checkups are considered an important part of your routine.

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