What is CBG And How Is It Different From CBD?

CBD has been brought into the forefront lately is one of the most beneficial solutions for face creams, gummies, tinctures, sodas, gummies and oils. There are research studies being conducted into the benefits of CBD products and make people attempting to understand the various benefits of the compound over time.

CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant and another emerging compound that many people are focusing on is CBG or Cannabigerol. CBG is a cannabinoid that is gaining popularity due to its quality affects. CBG is like CBD and it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that will not produce the feeling of the high that is well known with THC. It is a cannabinoid that has actually shown promise as being one of the parents to every cannabinoid.

CBGA can break down and become the foundation for CBD and THC and this makes it one of the mightiest cannabinoids in the world today. CBG is a non-psychoactive that is primarily derived from hemp and it’s a legal substance across the USA.

What makes this such a powerful cannabinoid is its chemical compounds. Because it’s not in a very small concentration in any hemp plant it is difficult to isolate CBG but future research is being done to derive hemp plants that have greater doses of this compound.

CBG is so beneficial because it helps our body to maintain a state of homeostasis. The compound will help us to regulate our endocannabinoid system and properly regulate our bodily functions. CBG can help to trigger more natural responses at the cellular level in our bodies.

If you would like to learn more about CBG and how it can improve your health, be sure to check out the latest products containing CBG.

This post was written by Flo Sugyatno, operations manager of PureMed and CBD Expert. At PureMed we are a CBD store in Washington DC. We know that the best product comes from the best ingredients. That’s why we only use local, non-GMO ingredients that are grown without pesticides! We Produce Worry-Free CBD.

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