Forehead and Crow’s Feet Wrinkles: Which Cosmetic Procedure Should I Use?

There are several different great cosmetic procedures for getting rid of wrinkles. Check out some these to see what’s the best choice for you.

1) Botox

Botox injections are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures when it comes to removing wrinkles. It’s non-surgical, fast-acting and generally requires very little healing time. In this case, Botox is directly injected using fine needles near your crow’s feet. Don’t worry, your provider will give you a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort from the procedure.

The process is also very short usually lasting only a few minutes. Side effects are minor and generally include light swelling and redness but this generally lasts less than a day. For enhanced results, some individuals also elect to enhance this procedure by also getting laser treatment along with Botox.

Most people are generally suited for Botox treatment, however, individuals with nerve damage or facial injuries are generally advised to avoid this cosmetic procedure.

2) Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the number one competitor to Botox when it comes to treating wrinkles. Fillers work by utilizing collagen—the main protein found in skin—to create younger, healthier looking skin. Like Botox, it can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles and in a variety of other places. The procedure is not as quick and typically lasts between 30-45 minutes. Recovery time is also slightly longer, however, results from this cosmetic procedure have been known to last up to 18 months.

There are no known risks associated with dermal fillers and as such most people are suitable candidates for dermal fillers. The primary difference between Botox and dermal fillers is that Botox is generally used to target specific wrinkles whereas dermal fillers are more holistic. For this reason, individuals might not get the exact results they want, but they do have the benefit of reduced wrinkles and healthier skin overall.

3) Other Procedures

There are other treatment options for reducing wrinkles, but when it comes to sensitive areas like crows feet, it’s important to be careful. For example, chemical peels are often used to remove superficial lines revealing a smooth layer of new skin. Through this, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet will be significantly reduced. This cosmetic procedure is quick, but the results are not as long lasting as Botox and dermal fillers.

Another option is the micropen for treating forehead wrinkles. This process works by creating microscopic wounds near wrinkles. What happens is that as the skin heals, new collagen and elastin is produced creating healthy skin. This procedure is generally quick, but you may need some additional recovery time.

The Best Cosmetic Procedures for Removing Wrinkles

Crow’s Feet and forehead wrinkles happen to everybody. Whether you choose botox or dermal fillers, fortunately, there are so many great treatment options available. So schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today to find out which option is the best choice for you!

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