Essential Oils for the Elderly: Are They Effective?

Essential oils are a complementary therapy to the conventional form of medication. It is a holistic approach to heal a wide range of medical conditions such as insomnia, joint pain, and indigestion. Typically, ancient people believed these naturally steam-distilled aromatherapy agents are safe to use. However, doctors nowadays suggest you first check the viability of the oil and then only use it.

Essential Oils Usage Tips for the Elderly

Adults use these organic products as part of their holistic healing plan. They also surf through plenty of options to get one that suits their requirements. One of the most convenient and ultimate ways of using these oils is topical application. In topical application, they take a few drops of the chosen fragrant and apply it to either their wrists or massage into the palms of their hands. And if they wish to breathe the oils in easily, they might apply them to their forehead or neck. But, not everyone is comfortable with the topical use; thus, instead of applying it directly to their skim, they add the oil to a warm bath or soak a cloth with the oil before placing it on their skin.

Another application of these organic oils in diffusers. These useful tools are amazing for times when you wish to add a healing aroma to your living space. Since there is a risk of toxicity associated with these products when it comes to the elderly, they should avoid ingesting them and speak to their doctor first to ensure their safety levels. Only when the doctor approves should you use them, that too after diluting the oil in another liquid.


As people age, their joints grow stiffer, causing them discomfort from time to time. As a result, they catch several health conditions like arthritis and joint inflammation. Essential oils’ natural analgesic properties can act as anti-inflammatory and relieve their discomfort. Juniper berry, chamomile, ginger, and rosemary are some popularly used oils for this purpose.


What lacks in the senior citizens is the energy level. By diffusing essential oils within their room, they can lift their mood and boost their energy instantly. Let’s suppose they diffuse citrus oil; its energizing properties will help them feel young again. And the same goes with orange, grapefruit, and lemon. Similarly, peppermint oil is an amazing midday pick-me-up element.


Old people suffer from several health conditions and consume plenty of medicines for the same. As a result, the scenario affects their appetite adversely. Fortunately, there exist some essential oils that are able to stimulate the appetite. Ginger and citrus are among the top oils that, besides increasing energy, help improve diet when dabbed on the skin or clothing close to the nose.


Insomnia is another major issue in senior people as they do not get enough shuteye each night. Typically, lavender is the go-to solution for this problem since its fragrance is so relaxing. One can either put a few drops on the pillowcase or unwind in a bath before going to bed.


Older people appreciate having these organics to help improve their concentration and relieve any distress. For better cognitive abilities, they might consider using rosemary, basil, or peppermint essential oils. Each has unique properties to help people recover from decreased memory spans.


If they breathe in these oils, they can experience an improved respiratory tract. Many times, cold and flu viruses cause respiratory distress that gets tough on their head and body. Acting as an expectorant, these organic oils can even reduce the severity of such viruses, along with their duration. Some commonly used oils to diffuse for this purpose are tea tree, thyme, lavender, and eucalyptus.

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