Buying the Right Medical Lift Chair – 5 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Product

The right medical lift chair will greatly benefit those with mobility problems caused by certain diseases causing inflammation of joints such as arthritis or even those with temporary mobility problems due to leg injuries. If you are this guy, because of its main benefit, you would see the medical lift chair often known as the electric recline chair as an incredible innovation, allowing those with mobility problems to rise out from a sitting position without feeling the pain that often follows muscle exertion when trying to stand.

Of course, you can always rely on your loved ones or hire a caregiver to help you whenever you try to stand up, but what about those times when you don’t have to go to the bathroom or do other things you want to do right away? How about retrieving a semblance of independence that you used to have?

The answer to all of these is the medical lift chair, which is a specially designed chair running on electrical power, hence the other name, the power lift chair, which can be helped to stand or assisted by the user by pushing a button to sit or recline. Many of these products are competing for the attention of the buyer, so you need to learn how to evaluate the right chair and this article presents a guide that you the senior can use for the product that fits your needs perfectly in your hunt.

  1. First see an orthopedic doctor or a chiropractor because he or she is the one who can give you a professional opinion about the right type of power lift chair to suit your needs. Whether you want to use it as a mobility aid or as a preventive measure, you’re going to want to avoid additional features that you won’t use in the long run because additional features mean more spending.
  2. Second, consider the weight that can be supported by the electric recline chair. Many chairs like this support a user weighing between 300 and 400 lbs, but there are some that can support up to 700 lbs for those who are heavier.

You can also take advantage of a personalized medical lift chair, but it will come at a cost, of course.

  1. The chair’s height is the next factor to consider as the distance the lift chair will rise is based on the height it was designed for because the purpose here is to help those with mobility issues to stand up or sit up safely. A chair designed for those who are 5 feet tall, for example, will only rise to 5 feet, which is not perfect for those seniors who are 6 feet high.
  2. The available positions that can be taken into consideration by the electric recline chair are also a factor. For example, if you want to be able to read a book or newspaper, choose the straight type; if you want to be able to sleep or watch TV comfortably, you can choose the recline of TV or the type of chair that is fully reclined.


  1. You will decide in advance whether you would like these additional features: special assistance for your neck and back and heat and relaxation devices, due to constant sitting, for those who sometimes suffer from back pain.

Whatever your intent is to buy this style of recliner, note that the more extra features you have to fork out that come with a model. If you don’t want to be financially burdened, always go with the budget by evaluating the basic features and you want to have your medical lift chair before looking at the additional features.

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